vGRID Protect

Ransomware attacks are now a real threat to businesses of every size - and paying up is no guarantee your files will be restored.

There's only one way to recover from a ransomware attack without paying the ransom. Having a backup plan in place that allows you to restore your files and get your users back to work in a snap.

By running silently in the background, vGRID Protect continuously protects data created and stored on your laptop or desktop without disruption. You can quickly and easily restore data on your own, to any device.

The vGRID Protect incremental forever backup service is powered by Comet Backup software and all data is stored on the vGRID cloud platform right here in New Zealand.


  • Incremental Forever
    Your oldest backup can restore just as fast as your most recent. No need for differentials or delta-merging.
  • Compressed and Encrypted
    During backup, transit and rest. The only time it is unencrypted is during a restore.
  • Client-side Deduplication
    vGRID Protect (powered by Comet) has fast, bandwidth-efficient backups as deduplication is client-side, saving storage space.
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