Backup as a Service (BaaS)

The vGRID Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution is a fully managed backup service that provides a simple, cost-effective alternative to traditional backup solutions.

This is a next generation data protection service providing both on-site and in-cloud components for ultimate reliability, protection and confidence. BaaS removes the complexity associated with managing backup infrastructure as well as the silos that come with using multiple fragmented solutions across on-site and off-site solutions.

BaaS also makes it easier to recover data by creating multiple levels of redundancy. If data is lost or corrupted, one or more copies already exist and are simple to locate and restore, which helps limit potential downtime, lost productivity and damage to your company reputation.


The data protection service components:

On-site Primary Backup Store (PBS)

The PBS can be deployed as either a virtual or physical appliance installed within your datacentre infrastructure site and is of a predefined fixed capacity.

On-site Secondary Backup Store (SBS)

The SBS is configured to operate as a replica of the PBS, providing additional on-site resilience where needed.

Off-site Backup Store (OBS)

The OBS receives backup copy and replication data from PBS or SBS deployments. Providing you with a high-availability off-site repository for long-term retention.

VM Replication

Data stored in the OBS can be leveraged for rapid disaster recovery deployments using vGRID IaaS services, on demand.

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